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Apr-2017 The Bull's Uneven Legs;
Is This Really The Top?
Mar-2017 Bulls & Bears Both Right?
Bonds: Alternative Facts.
Feb-2017 Black Gold SOS and
Trump Admin. Stock Portfolio
Jan-2017 The Markets, Genetic Algorithms
and Relative Risk
Dec-2016 Formal Bear Market Strategies
... No Selection Bias
Nov-2016 Market Breakdown
Bearable FED — Goldilocks Rocks
Ooct-2016 Zig Zag Anxiety, Prudence,
New Server & Pubs Page
Sep-2016 Formal Bear Market Strategies
... No Selection Bias
Aug-2016 A Financial Canary
in the Coal Mine?
Jul-2016 BREXIT Test, and
FIXIT Best ... Strategy Upgrades
Jun-2016 New Active Charts,
and Ultra ETF Liquidity?
May-2016 Extreme Surfing
 ETF Ultra Alpha SOS Portfolio
Apr-2016 StormGuard Armor:
It Changes Everything
Mar-2016 The Bull Breathes, Late Trade Cost, Preview of StormGuard Armor
Feb-2016 The First Market Bounce,
and New Chart Features
Jan-2016 No Santa Rally ...
But Santa Delivers a New Tool
Dec-2015 Punch Bowl, StormGuard-Zoom,
and The 7 Faces of Risk
Nov-2015 Market Correction,
AAII Conference, Faces of Risk
Oct-2015 Better Safe, ETF 529,
DIY Book, AAII 2015 Conf
Sep-2015 Market Fear or Greed?
 Where's the Bottom?
Aug-2015a StormGuard: The ''Faster
Response'' False Dilemma
Aug-2015 Pause vs. Market Top,
Plus New Features
Jul-2015 Greece—The Skids, Live Forum,
Black Gold, Amazon Payments
Jun-2015 A Fisherman's High-Return
Low-Risk Portfolio
May-2015 Market Top?
Hawaiian Shirts, New Stuff
Apr-2015 A Bit Choppy, Top 10 Portfolio,
TipTop Portfolio
Mar-2015 Beyond Record Highs,
Healthcare Stocks Portfolio
Feb-2015 Rough Start, Treasuries Rule,
AlphaGen Introduction
Jan-2015 The New Year, Yahoo Data,
Don't Fight the Fed
Dec-2014b New Features: From Your
SectorSurfing Santa
Dec-2014a Santa Claus Rally, Low-DD
Portfolios, FWPT Is Now Standard
Nov-2014 Mixed Market Signals?,
Max Drawdown, Data Fix
Oct-2014 Election Woes, Security,
HoF Boot, Nose for VIX
Sep-2014 Rebound, SectorSurfer University, Managed Volatility?
Aug-2014 Market Fears, New Master SOS,
The Value Debate
Jul-2014 4th of July Weekend
BBQ Ponderings
Jun-2014 MayDay Bliss, Dale's Paper, 
and Secret SOS Revealed
May-2014 Tax Man Dues, Bio-Blues,
and Lecture News
Apr-2014 Forward March Higher,
and a Biotech Bubble?
Mar-2014 February Rebound, AAII Wizards, Something New
Feb-2014 January Jitters, New TSP,
Jan-2014 System Upgrade Complete,
Important Feature Details
Dec-2013b Portfolio Design
Contest Winners
Dec-2013a Markets, New Features,
and Own the Bubble
Nov-2013 Health Care, Portfolio Contest, 
and Amazon Payments
Oct-2013b Amazon replaces Google Wallet, Painted-Path, Orlando AAII
Oct-2013a Syria, Gridlock du Jour,
and an ETF Screener
Sep-2013 Late Summer Worries Took
Some Risk Off the Table
Aug-2013 July Was Steady as She Goes
Jul-2013 The June Market Dip Rebound

Meetup Session Videos

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Mar-2017 "Advanced Strategy Design Principles"
Jan-2017 "ETF and Stock Strategies
for a Trump Administration"
Nov-2016 "Satisfying the Prudent Man"
Sep-2016 "Integrated Bear Bear
Market Strategies"
Jun-2016 "New JavaScript Chart Features," and "The Low Volume ETF
Liquidity Myth"
Apr-2016 "How StormGuard-Armor Stunningly Tames Bear Markets"
Feb-2016 "Implementing
Bear Market Strategies"
Dec-2015 "Addressing the Seven Faces
of Risk; Low Drawdown
Portfolio Design"
Oct-2015 "Basic SectorSurfer Review," and "New Chart Features" (bad audio)
Sep-2015 "Basic SectorSurfer Review," and "The Strategy-of-Strategies"
Aug-2015 "Basic SectorSurfer Review," and "Next Market Crash? Three Ways to StormGuard Your Assets"
Jul-2015 "Review of Risk Measures",
and "Don't Put Coal
In Your Rocket Engine!"

Articles and White Papers

PDF Format Documents

"Using Asset Class Rotation to
Reduce Risk and Increase Return"

AAII Computerize Investing, Feb. 2017
by Scott Juds
"Satisfying the Prudent Man:
New Tools Change Old Rules"

White Paper, Jan. 2017
by Scott Juds
"Ride the Trends with SectorSurfer"
Traders Magazine - German, Jul. 2016
by Thomas Bopp
"SectorSurfer: Quick Scan Product Review"
Stocks & Commodities, Apr. 2016
by Joe Gruender
"Investment Performance Improvement Utilizing
Automated Polymorphic Momentum"

NAAIM Wagner Award, White Paper, Mar. 2016
by Scott Juds
"Defensive Position Rotation: Achieving
Financial Goals with Less Volatility"

Advisor Perspectives, May 2014
by Dale W. Van Metre, Ph.D.
"Follow Trends with SectorSurfer"
AAII Computerized Investing Blog, Mar. 2014
by Jaclyn McClellan
"This upstart thinks it can help you
make money in the stock market"

GeekWire Startup Spotlight, Mar. 2012
by John Cook