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Conquering the Seven Faces of Fisk

Diversification is Just the Start

Risk is not a one-dimensional problem cured by a single dose of diversification.  Putting on a seat belt does not cure bad tires, dirty mirrors, broken headlights, worn brakes, or a dysfunctional horn.

• Holistic Risk Management requires: (a) identifying the many faces of risk, (b) resolving how each of them is conquered, and (c) creating strategies and portfolios knowing that when risk is removed, only return remains.

Book: "Conquering the Seven Faces of Risk" 

Improving Risk/Return Performance

• Modern Portfolio Theory is 65 years old, developed long before computers could analyze daily time domain data, such as momentum/trends.

• Automated Polymorphic Momentum extends MPT by utilizing the cross-disciplinary sciences of Holistic Risk Management, Matched Filter Theory and Differential Signal Processing to improve overall performance.

• Only by owning the trend leader and avoiding the laggards can one simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk!

White Paper: "Automated Polymorphic Momentum" 

Automated Polymorphic Momentum
Suitability and the Prudent Man. Quantitatively Addressing FINRA, ERISA, DOL, and SEC.

Quantifying Prudent Risk

• The FEDS (FINRA, ERISA, DOL, SEC) are silent on quantitative measures defining suitable and prudent risk management.

• While a wide latitude helps advisors satisfy client needs, it provides no basis for defense in a risk management audit.

• However, industry consensus definitions for risk-ranked portfolios are entrenched and accepted by the FEDS. Thus, their risk measures quantify suitable and prudent risk. 

White Paper: "Satisfying the Prudent Man"