Magnificent Seven Momentum
Dual Defense Tactical Risk Mitigation Strategy


SectorSurfer levels the playing field with Wall Street by putting the power of award winning high performance investment algorithms in your hands. Its True Sector Rotation algorithm holds only the momentum leader during bull markets, and its StormGuard algorithm seeks to protect and grow your assets during bear markets. Only by owning the trend leader and avoiding the laggards can one simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk.




The Magnificent Seven Strategy employs an advanced low-noise momentum algorithm to evaluate a set of candidate stocks at each month-end to identify the trend leader most likely to do well next month. The Strategy further employs our tactical risk mitigation defenses, StormGuard and TrendGuard, that seek to avoid loss during bear markets by selecting an ETF from a defensive set of candidate ETFs.     

In bull markets, the momentum leader candidates include the Magnificent Seven stocks (AMZN, AAPL, MSFT, META, TSLA, NVDA, and GOOGL), and the TrendGuard Backstop index SSTOP, which holds an aggressive ETF momentum leader. In bear markets StormGuard is triggered and Bear Market Strategy BMS-X selects a defensive momentum leader.

The Magnificent Seven Strategy is designed for relatively aggressive portions of an investment portfolio. Note: Momentum is not always present in equity markets. Economic, bureaucratic, and social reaction to inflation, politics, and pandemics can sometimes disrupt momentum in otherwise orderly markets, which is a requirement to achieve profitable momentum trading.

SectorSurfer Magnificent Seven Momentum Strategy

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• The white line on the chart is the S&P500 Index as a performance reference.
• The multi-color line is the strategy equity curve indicating which fund was owned.
• The logarithmic chart produces a straight line for the same rate of return over time.
• Note Tail Risk reduction (bottom left chart) due to risk avoidance by Dual Defense.
• Note the yellow and white spots for Risk and Return on the square rainbow chart. 


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