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Market momentum has long been proven to be the best predictor of future price movements. SectorSurfer automates the process of selecting the best stock to own — no emotional bias!  Its high performance trend following sector rotation algorithms keep you in the best stocks during bull markets and its StormGuard TM algorithms move you to the safety of cash during prolonged bear markets. Only by owning the top trend leader and avoiding the trend laggards can you simultaneously improve returns and reduce the probability of loss. SectorSurfer evaluates your Strategies daily and sends an email Trade Alert when you have trades to make. We also have many high performance  mutual fund and ETF Strategies to choose from, or you can create your own Custom Strategy (see how here). If you prefer having personal professional advice, please contact one of our listed SectorSurfing Professional Financial Advisors.

To better understand how SectorSurfer Strategies achieve such high performance, please click each of the title-slides above (or the text below each thumbnail image) to review the topic's information in more detail. The charts below have numerous mouse-over hot spots that provide a brief popup text description of the chart object, and many chart objects can be clicked to link to a more complete description. For a more theoretical discussion, please review the Sector Rotation Theory page.

High Yield Dividend Stock Strategies

Dividend Darling Strategies
Each Dividend Darling Strategy below is based on a selection of 12 high yield dividend paying US stocks (with at least a 3% annual dividend) from our Dividend Stock Screener. It is the job of SectorSurfer's algorithm to determine which one stock, and only one stock, from the set of 12 to own at any given time. The fifth chart below is a portfolio chart showing the net performance and character achieved by owning an equally weighted set of four stocks selected by the four Example Strategies. We recommend review of  this material about stocks versus sectors to better understand why stock Strategies need occasional freshening.

     Example Dividend Stock Investment Strategies -  (click chart to enlarge)
Dividend Darling Strategy chart for stocks with > 5% dividend yield.
High Yield: > 5% Dividend
Dividend Darling Strategy chart for stocks with high trend quality.
High Trend Quality
Dividend Darling Strategy chart for stocks with high 3-Year Returns.
High 3-Year Returns
Dividend Darling Strategy chart for stocks with high stock-screener S.S.Rank.
High S.S.Rank Value
Dividend Darling investment portfolio chart for dividend paying stocks.
Dividend Darlings Portfolio

Note: Individual stocks are more volatile than mutual funds or ETFs as they are not diversified and carry more risk of sharp loss from news about quarterly earnings misses, management scandals, and other adverse events. We strongly recommend use of the Prudent Investor Rule with stock Strategies: To reduce portfolio risk and volatility, invest no more than 20% of your funds in any one stock. That translates into "Post-Surfing Diversification" — five or more Strategies each selecting one excellent stock.

U.S. Stocks Available for Strategies:  NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX

Our database, from FastTrack, contains well over 3,000 U.S. Stocks from the three major exchanges, include many foreign stocks listed for trading on the U.S. markets as an ADR (American Depositary Receipt). Popular market index lists are shown below for reference. However, we generally do not make new stocks available until  they have about 3 years of data. SectorSurfer's algorithm cannot properly characterize a stock that has not seen a variety of market conditions, and you risk the possibility of unexpected Strategy behavior in the future. If you must have a stock with a shorter history, you may be in love with it for the wrong reason. The right reason is increasing the probability of higher returns and decreasing the probability of loss. Fresh hype is not a sound reason for a financial marriage — character matters.

S&P-100 Stocks:  

NASDAQ-100 Stocks:  

DJ-65 Composite Stocks:  

For Dividends

Hall of Fame User Strategies

Sharing Great Strategies
The Hall of Fame page is dedicated to sharing or finding high performance SectorSurfer Strategies developed by other SectorSurfers. It includes investment strategies for safety, mutual funds, stocks, ETFs. Strategies are ranked by their Score. Safety strategies rankings further consider return reliability and drawdown characteristics. Strategies are evaluated and ranked nightly according to posted rules.

Below are the top performers by category.             Click Here for Full Listing.

What Others Achieved

 Top Performers by Category     (click chart to enlarge)

Best Safety Strategy
Click to enlarge chart
Bond Buddies
by: MDA
Best ETF Strategy
Click to enlarge chart
VgBrok Score7 + VOX
by: flyonfriday
Best Stocks Strategy
Click to enlarge chart
Moon Shot mod
by: hawaiianshirtsociety
Best Mutual Fund Strategy
Click to enlarge chart
fidelity Sectors i
by: brettheath
Best Ultra/Inverse Strategy
Click to enlarge chart
DD 3X Running With the Bull
by: 811353


Retired?  Employed Elsewhere?  Over 591/2?  
Upgrade your 401(k) to an IRA to Unleash SectorSurfer's True Sector Rotation Potential!

You can escape from the paltry performance of your 401(k)'s over-diversified funds by rolling them over into an IRA account where you'll have access to a wide variety of country and sector funds that will unleash the full performance potential of SectorSurfer's True Sector Rotation algorithms. Good returns are required to reduce "retirement risk," which is the risk at age 65 that your savings aren't sufficient and you may have to work longer or reduce your standard of living. While traditional diversification addresses the relatively short term investment risk, its paltry returns can lead to longer term retirement risk problems. Don't win a battle but lose the war.

Learn Here how to convert your 401(k) to an IRA. Then check out  the many excellent Safety Strategies on our Hall of Fame page.

We Believe:

• High performance investment software should be for everyone — not just big Wall Street firms.
• Diversification is not a justifiable reason to own poorly performing funds — they hurt your portfolio.
• Great investment advice isn't a fund sorting tool — it's automatically selecting this month's best fund.

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