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Use this form to submit a document from which we can either build or update a 401k Strategy specifically for your company and post it to our site to help your coworkers invest better with SectorSurfer.

Please enter your email address and name in the text boxes below.
2. Attach a file containing documentation of the fund options available for your plan. Sometimes the list is only
    viewable within your password protected account, but you can copy and paste the relevant fund names and symbols
    from the web page to an MSWord document and attach it.
3. If you have already made a Strategy and would like to share it, please include it's Strategy-ID so we can import it (see
    the My Strategies page and click the icon to get the Strategy-ID).
4. All posted company 401k Strategies will be done so anonymously. This is about sharing for the benefit of all.

5. Please be sure to include the full company name, company web site URL, and the company stock trading ticker symbol.
    While we only post a company's 401(k) Strategy if the company's stock is publically traded, we would be happy to help
    you build a Strategy for your company plan no matter what size it is. Let's bring your 401(k) to life!




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